6 Youtube Channels For Beginner Raspberry Pi Users

Raspberry Pi is an awesome mini computer that you can do a lot of crazy things with. You can build a home media center, a VPN, a handheld gaming console and a lot more by just using that credit-card-sized Linux machine. If you own a Raspberry Pi, you need to know how to configure it and how to install an operating system on it, before you create amazing stuff.
There are tons of blogs and forums about Raspberry Pi. You can also get any useful information about Raspberry Pi on this subreddit from Reddit. But if you need some video tutorials, installing guides, DIY guides and step by step instructions, you can check these 6 Youtube channels about Raspberry Pi. Please feel free to add your favorite Youtube channels or videos about Raspberry Pi, into the comment section.

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RaspberryPiIVBeginners is a great Youtube channel created by Matthew Manning. If you are a beginner about Raspberry Pi and Linux, this Youtube channel is the best for you. You can find step by step guides about configuring, installing and customizing Raspberry Pi. You can also learn how to use Raspberry Pi functions to create your own home media center, camera, FTP server, thermometer and many more.
RaspberryPiIVBeginners is the biggest channel about Raspberry Pi on Youtube and it will guide your Pi journey from A to Z.  If you want to follow RaspberryPiBeginners on Twitter too, you can use this link.

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TheRaspberryPiGuy has tons of information about Raspberry Pi. This channel is created by Matthew Timmons who is a  programmer and electronics tinkerer. You can find a lot of videos about Raspberry Pi and how to use it effectively for any purpose. He also reviews Raspberry Pi accessories and gives much information about Raspberry Pi robots. If you need to know more about Raspberry Pi terms, you can visit “Jargon Blitzer” page on his site. Click to follow Raspberry Pi Guy on Twitter too.
Gaven MacDonald

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This Youtube channel is a great place to learn about Raspberry Pi programming and electronics. Every Raspberry Pi beginner who wants to create great things with LED’s, should check this channel. You can also find useful Linux terminal commands for Raspberry Pi on his videos. Subscribe his channel by this link.

TechErudio Youtube channel focuses on educating people about Raspberry Pi. You can find easy to follow tutorials about Raspberry Pi. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use your mini Linux computer, you should check this playlist in order. Tech Erudio is also on Twitter and you can check their blog on www.techerudio.com.
Alex Eames (Raspi.TV)

Alex Eames created his Youtube channel in 2012 and his channel is one of the best for Raspberry Pi users. He reviews Raspberry Pi models, accessories and cases. He also tests modules, adapters, batteries and more things about Raspberry Pi. In his site www.raspi.tv,  you can find detailed articles about Raspberry Pi and you can learn about Python programming.
Pi My Life Up

Pi My Life Up is a great Youtube channel that shows us how amazing things can we create with a Raspberry Pi. You can find many Raspberry Pi projects including retro gaming machine, webcam server, Torrent machine, home media center and more. If you want to find more detailed information about those projects, you should visit www.pimylifeup.com. You can also follow this new channel “Arduino My Life Up” for Arduino tutorials.

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